5 fun games to play in the car with your friends

I don’t know about you but I HATE long commutes. My data plan sucks so I can’t sit there and instagram for 4 hours. Also I don’t like sitting for long because I just end up falling asleep and also it’s ten times harder to do this with your friends when you’re all sitting:


or this:

car dance

I remember (because I just graduated lol) having to travel about 3 hours in one direction home from school on the weekends I decided to visit my family. 3 hours is not the longest time, but it can feel like a lifetime. It’s fun when you travel with your pals but after the first hour and 10th timmies break, you start getting a little antsy and you need a lil sum sum to keep yourselves entertained. Below are 5 games that I recommend trying out if you find yourself on a long or boring commute or road trip with friends:

1. Car Idol: My friend coined the term car-aoke once which is also a lot of fun but I enjoy the competitive aspect of car idol. I play this often with my siblings on family road trips and shit gets real. Basically you can agree on a single song that everyone takes turns singing or everyone can choose their own song. Whatever the case, each passenger has a turn singing their song and at the end of their performance they get an individual score out of a 10 from everyone else in the car. You can decide to either have a judge that doesn’t compete or if everyone is in car idol then everyone is also a judge. I like the second one more because it leads to more bias and also alliances can be formed.

2. Pepper munch: This game originated a few years back when a lone green pepper had rolled out of my mom’s shopping bag and was chilling on the floor of our car. I was supposed to drive my brothers somewhere and I saw the pepper in the passenger’s side in my mo-ther’s ride, tryna holler at me. So I picked it up, found a string, and obviously tied it to my rearview mirror. OBViously what else was I supposed to do? We then proceeded to drive around and pray for red lights where we would roll up next to someone in their car, try and get their attention, and I would obnoxiously bite into the pepper and eat it while it was still hanging by a string. It gets a lot of laughs, more so just from yourself because the confusion is too real and people don’t know how to react. Although people may just stare or even laugh, this is really the reaction you’re aiming for:


So this is where the game comes in. You can choose to tie anything you want to your rearview and just go around and try to get peoples’ attention while you and whoever’s sitting in the front with you try to eat the hanging food. Oh and NO hands!!

Sidenote: For advanced players, play on the highway with no red lights.

3. Red light: I haven’t played this game in a long time but it’s a favourite of mine. This should be played without the driver’s knowledge (or consent) for greater shock factor. In secret decide with one other passenger that you are down to play and decide which way you’ll both be running. One will be the clockwise runner and the other will be counter clockwise. The best way is to do this via text so it’s a total shock to the driver. This is what preparations should look like (and also if I were playing the game with myself):


It’s essential that you choose the red lights that you see turn red from yellow to ensure enough time. The rules are simple. Come to a stop at the red light, bust those doors open and run around the car in your decided direction. Whoever runs more laps around the car before the light turns green wins. In the past I’ve gotten 1-2 laps because I’m a scaredy cat.

4. Roller coaster: This game requires a sunroof and as with probably all of these mentioned games, no police around. It’s basically this and you can choose to go solo or in pairs or whatever:


There are two variations of this game:

A. Tell the driver you’re goin up and make them give you the true roller coaster treatment by swerving and driving fast. Hands in the air!

Sidenote: I tried thinking of a good Throw your hands in the air, if yous a true player meme but I couldn’t and this is what I came up with instead:


This needs a caption because I don’t even think half of Sauga will understand this. This is Bonnie Crombie who is running for mayor because my bbg Hazel is finally stepping down since she has been mayor since 400 BC.

B. Don’t tell the driver shit and surprise them by quickly blasting through their sunroof at unsuspecting times.

5. Title: This game’s title is whatever you choose your topic to be. I love playing this game but I’m usually the only person who ever wants to play. Everyone gets really bored of this game while I get super into it. Choose a general topic such as tv shows and then ask in a really annoying voice “Hey guys wanna play TV” and then everyone groans and then you will probably volunteer to go first. You start by naming a tv show and everyone will then take turns listing any show they can think of without repetition. If you can’t think of one on your turn you are out. Because I don’t really care about winning and just want to force everyone to play, if someone is out of answers, I will usually give them like 10 mins to come up with an answer because EVERYONE HAS TO PLAY (I’m that person). I like geography-related topics such as European countries or US states and I’m also the jerk who yells NOPE DENVER’S NOT A STATE!

Another reason this game is great is that it’s really easy to come up with fake answers. If you play Movies it’s basically you just making random word combinations to create believable movie titles. How do you know The Blogger is not a real movie? Back your fake movie up with a quick fake movie synopsis and a fake review or back up that fake tv show by singing a fake theme song. I also love making up random African sounding countries while playing Africa and having people go “oh snap that’s the one I couldn’t think of!” and I’m all:


Basically, make the most of your long drives. If I wasn’t on the Rideshare Blacklist (LOL TRU STORY) I would totally play these with the strangers in the car. How funny would rollercoaster be in a stranger’s car without the driver’s consent? Answer: VERY. Prolly another reason why I’ve been blacklisted.